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Paper Topic:

Point out 3-4 psychological concepts from the movie Cast Away that we have studied this term

The movie `Cast Away , starring Tom Hanks as Fed Ex CEO Chuck Noland takes the viewer on a psychological adventure that is frightening and very realistic . Chuck Noland survives a plane crash on Christmas Day somewhere in the south pacific . He is carried by life boat to a deserted island and spends the next 4 years of his life there . Over the course of his time there Chuck Noland experiences cause him to go through many psychological courses , including abandonment , love , fear and grieving for a life he once had

Chuck finds

himself abandoned on a deserted island . He is alone without food , personal contact , shoes , or skills to survive in this type of environment . Abandonment is this case is best described as being left alone without any hope of rescue . Being abandoned caused Noland to do many things he would never think of in to survive . When one of the pilots washed up on shore he apologized before taking his shoes and flashlight . Chuck Noland went through many consequences due to his time alone on the island . First he created a persona or personality , Wilson a volleyball washed ashore to keep him company . Noland expanded the personality over the time he was their giving it features of a real person , hair and face , and sharing with his fears , concerns , and hopes He would ask Wilson questions and answer them himself . Noland even took this one step further and took his anger out on Wilson , only to apologize sincerely afterwards . Being so isolated and alone Noland contemplated suicide and went as far as completing a test run to see how efficient the suicide would be

Love is one of the most powerful forces in the world . There are many concepts s of love that are apparent in `Cast Away . Throughout the movie it is apparent first that Chuck Noland and his fiancye Kelly are in an intimate physical relationship . It is also apparent the first part of the move the all of Kelly 's psychological needs are not being met because of Chuck Noland 's commitment to his job . In this aspect Chuck Noland 's job is much more important to him than spending time with his soon to be fiancye over the holidays . Chuck tries to justify his love for Kelly upon leaving her on Christmas day by handing her an engagement ring on his way to his plane . Chuck does not propose but says that he will when he returns , thus not satisfying her psychological need of spontaneity . Kelly in turn gives him a gift , an antique pocket watch complete with her picture . This gift survives the airplane crash and helps Noland keep a positive outlook on the circumstances . He deals with losing her by knowing at some point he would be rescued and returned to the love of his life . At times he would talk to his fiancye , Kelly , and make plans to return to her . Chuck Noland longs for the basic human need associated with...

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