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Poetry well-supported analytic essay on `Daystar` by Rita Dove

`Daystar` by Rita Dove

In the poem Daystar ' Rita Dove uses different stylistics devices and language means to create a message of the poem and appeal to readers emotions . Using stylistic devices the poetess hides themes and motives giving only a slight hint to readers about the symbolic meaning of the objects and words . Rita Dove uses language means to convey the unique message and shape the atmosphere of the poem

Thesis Dove persuades the readers to think over eternal truths and virtues of a common woman , her daily tasks and routine

work typical for every mother and wife

Rita Dove depicts events and life struggle through women 's eyes . The readers feel that it is not a voice of the author , but a voice of the woman who really bears enormous burden of housekeeping . Dove communicates with the readers through the character of a woman . Persona in the poetry is a prototype of a particular person within a class culture , background , etc . Rita Dove refers to the woman as she underlining unimportance of her social status and background . And as the most important , this stylistic device helps the author to shaped physical reality and psychological state of the woman : she was nothing , pure nothing (Dove

Rita Dove uses connotation and denotation to create tension in the poem For instance , the phrase the little room for thinking ' has both connotative and denotative meaning . The desire to escape from the reality creates the feeling of fatality , and for this reason the woman tries to find the place that was hers for an hours . Also , the little room for thinking ' can be interpreted as both personal freedom and evolution of emotional perception of the world . The title daystar ' has a double meaning : direct and indirect . On the one hand it means sun ' and light , but on the other hand it symbolizes the role of a wife and a mother in the family . The title reflects the main idea of the poem connected with experience of a mother . This title suggests neither positive nor negative experience , but informs readers about importance of her daily duties for the entire family . The readers derive the meaning of this symbol from the context and events depicted by the author : the children 's snap , diapers steaming on the line (Dove

Imagery is another language device used by the author to shape the poem Rita Dove uses fresh and vivid words to intensify , clarify and enrich meaning of the poem , for instance a floating maple leaf , lugged a chair , etc . It is possible to say that the images thus present an idea in terms of physical sensation . On the other hand , imagery shapes the poem creating feelings of dissatisfaction and cynical indifference . A successful image helps to make the readers feel the writer 's grasp of the object and situation she is dealing with , gives her grasp of it with precision , vividness , force , economy and to make such an impact on the readers , its content , the stuff of...

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