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Poetry Analysis


The poem Heart ! We will forget him ! is a great work of Emily Dickinson Emily Dickinson was born on December 10 , 1830 in Amherst Massachusetts (Biography Online , 2008 . She was raised by her parents , Emily Norcross Dickinson and Edward Dickinson in a reserved and quiet family (Biography Online , 2008 . The Dickinsons were well know in the place because his father worked a lawyer and served as treasurer of Amherst College (Biography Online , 2008 . As a child , she was intelligent and has created original writings and stories . However

, her love in reading was restricted by her father . She was not allowed to read other materials but Emily was insistent . Later , she lived in seclusion and simplicity without too much social contact and communicates only with few friends but continued writing poems that was discovered by her friend , Benjamin Newton who was a lawyer (Biography Online , 2008 . At the age of 55 , she died of kidney disease and her writing were discovered by her sister and handed it to a family friend , Mabel Todd (Biography Online , 2008 . In 1893 , the first edition of her peoms was published and was remarkably commended and at present , Emily Dickinson was regarded as America 's greatest poets

The poem is composed of many peotic forms . One is by repitition , it can observed that the word forget is repeated three times in the first stanza

Heart ! We will forget him

You and I , to-night

You may forget the warmth he gave

I will forget the light

In the repitition , it can be viewed that the author is demanding the heart and her mind to forget the man she loved and the warmth or the love and the sweet experiences that they have both shared . The author is also incessant in using the phrases tell me , thoughts ' and remember me ' which stresses on the use of mind . Another form used in the poem is rhyme which can be observed in the first and second stanzas The word night ' ryhmed with the word light ' and on the second stanza , the word dim ' is rhymed with the word him . In addition personal experience is used as a form in the poem because it speaks of a human experience which is love and heartaches . The poem shows the reality of life 's experiences of loving , pain of losing a loved one and struggling to forget the man who brought us heartaches

The poem used imagery and figurative language such as the use of heart night , light , warmth and dim as symbols and the phrases in the first and second stanzas . In the first line , Heart ! We will forget him ' the author is speaking to the heart to forget a man . The use of heart an example of synecdoche as it represents the woman . The use of the word we ' has interralated it to show that the author is not alone instead she is referring to both the mind and heart . It can also be drawn from the poem that forgetting is not only a minds ' activity but most important is the heart . The heart , as used in the peom , symbolizes the love that she felt for the man . Moreover , The phrase You and I to-night ' is connected with loneliness and the hardships that the mind and heart is experincing in forgetting the man . The word night symbolizes the loneliness and hardships . In the second and third line of the first stanza , you may forget that warmth he gave , I will forget the light , the warmth symbolizes the love of the man and the light ' symbolizes the man himself who have once brought happiness in the life of the woman . The word light ' is also an irony when used to refer to the man because light is usually referred as life- giving but in the peom , the light is the man whom the woman wants to forget . Light is also a personification that stands for the man . Furthermore , in the phrase When you have done , pray tell me , that I my thoughts may dim the author is letting the heart to forget the man and the feeling before her thoughts would completely forget . It is a human experience that the heart suffers the most pain rather than the mind when broken hearted . In addition , the author used the word dim ' to express complete darkness of an image of the man she once loved and to completely forget the happy experiences that they shared together

Meanwhile , tone is referred as the manner in which a poet makes his statements it reflects his attitude towards his subject (Frost Free Library , 2008 . In the poem , loneliness and the struggle of forgetting can be drawn . The author expressed her loved that was wasted and her struggle in overcoming her misery . In addition , the author is incessantly demanding her heart and mind to forget the man who left her broken hearted and she is confident that she can forget the man

In all , the poem is intelligently written that in just eight lines , it was able to reflect the life of the author . Emily Dickinson was known to be simple and lived in seclusion but surprisingly , her poem depicted that she has once felt love despite simplicity . Her piece was one of a kind because it depicts a life 's experience of being broken hearted Moreover , the poem showed a struggle of the heart and mind in forgetting because the mind may forget the man but the heart has to undergo time and trouble to heal the pain and through time , the aches will be forgotten but the good memories will still be remembered as she stressed on the last line of the poem

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