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Poetry Analysis

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Naturalism in Stephen Crane 's A God in Wrath


The 1880s to the 1940s marks a period in American Literature known as Realism and Naturalism . This was the time when most literary works reflected the ideas of pessimism and determinism , and where events and even God oppose human free will or remain indifferent to human desires One author and poet of this era was Stephen Crane . Crane published A God in Wrath ' in 1905 in a collection of poems called The Black Rider and Other Lines

. The poem , which is about a god torturing a man reflects the recurring theme of naturalism with instances of pessimism determinism , and detachment

Naturalism in A God in Wrath

Pessimism . Pessimism , or the seeming inevitability of the occurrence of negative events , fills every line of the A God in Wrath ' In the poem , the very fact that a god is punishing the man is perhaps the greatest indication of pessimism considering that no man can ever be greater than a god . Therefore , no man can ever escape a god 's wrath and so a man who is suffering from it will surely suffer till the end Indeed nothing can be more pessimistic than that

One particular line , He cuffed him loudly (Crane , indicates that the man is bound and has no chance of escape ever . Moreover , one should take note that these cuffs are put by a god and therefore impossible to get rid of . Also , the cuffs are...

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