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Poetry-Mary Jo Salter `Welcome To Hiroshima`

Welcome to Hiroshima

Welcome to Hiroshima ' is visual manifestation of pathos and miseries afflicted upon the people of Hiroshima on the unfortunate day in 1945 Mary Jo Salter has used a beautiful technique to convey all the horror and terror of atomic explosion . She does not flash back to past but her comments on the contemporary Hiroshima and its various historical places describe even the minute details of the event . This technique provides a circumspectly chosen imagery that creates lingering effects of war . She does provide subjective commentary over the bombing of

the city but only illustrates the happenings by using rich s . So , poem is visual documentary of the Hiroshima incident and it uses well thought out images to convey the suffering of people of Hiroshima

The first image is of atomic cloud raised soon after the explosion . This is depicted by a billboard brought to you in living English / by Toshiba Electric (2-3 ) After this , Mary takes into account the devastation and gradual destruction that was caused by this explosion Tone of shock is pervasive throughout the poem that ends with a note of uncertainty . This tone is created by utilizing a well thought out language . This first image further arouses the eternal human inquisitiveness and creates a thirst for history (8 . But this inquisitiveness is not to know more about the event it is to delve deep into one 's own self to locate the human selfishness and egocentricity

Blistered grass ' and strings of flesh (24 ) are the other images that convey a very strong visual message about the destruction caused by a few kilogram of uranium . It describes the magnitude of the human agony as well as the human cruelty . Melting felsh is another image that is conveyed through various metaphors . Portrayal of gloves ' to coatsleeves (23 , 24 ) is representative of human with melting skin that ultimately becomes without flesh

The most captivating image is wristwatch of a child (32 ) that is placed in the museum . It refers to various thematic expressions . First of all , it displays the time of the catastrophe and shows the impact of the atomic explosion that [j]ammed on the moment 's impact , resolute (33 . Visual sight of is not only to communicate some message although mute (34 ) but it has psychological and emotional impact too This moment has been captured in the eternal as well as in the chronological time that is proof of savageness and barbarity of humans against humans . There can be many other events in the ancient history but this moment is recorded and documented . It resounds in one memory time and again and recalls the pathos and miseries of humankind at that hour . She leaves it t the readers to decide over the intensity of horror and its aftereffects . She is suspicious of human endeavors in this regard and foresees a bleak future . She is of the view that past incidents including this must be remembered so as not to repeat the debasements of the past (46...

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