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Poem Explication

The Raven as a Messenger of Common Sense The Raven , by Edgar Allen Poe is one of the most famous poems within the English language . Since it was first written over 150 years ago , the meanings and motivation behind The Raven has been debated . The symbolism is so important in understanding the poem and its lasting appeal as so much is touched upon in this masterful work of Edgar Allen Poe . It is labor of love for the works of Poe that this analysis is written as well

The poem opens with

a lonely man , who tries to ease his sorrow for the lost Lenore by distracting himself with books and tales of forgotten lore . This solitude is interrupted when a raven comes to tap on his door or at least what he thinks to be a bird of some sort . But when he looks he finds nothing but darkness . He checks again and finds a raven perched on top of the statue of Pallas , the Greek god of wisdom . The man asks the curious bird for its name to which the only reply that he will receive , despite countless requests , is the name : nevermore ' The man is afraid of the raven but more afraid that the raven will leave him as he has become a very lonely individual . The man takes this opportunity not yet is aware of the fact that this fowl will only reply with the same word in to in turn , ask him a number of curious questions The man , who has been pining for his lost love Lenore , asks the raven if he knows of where she may have disappeared to . To which the raven 's reply is a quizzical : nevermore . No matter the rapidity and seriousness of the requests and the questions , the same response is given . This only increases the man 's frustrations as well as the belief that the bird has been sent by some Satanic force . Only when the man realizes that these efforts are fruitless does the man stop the inquiry . The man knows that the raven does not hold the answer to the whereabouts of Lenore , nor can the raven give the man any respite against his deep inner pain

It is the use of symbolism that helps to make this poem as successful and intriguing as it is . Poe uses several symbols to take the poem to a different level of greatness . The raven serves as the most obvious symbol within the poem . The raven represents the self induced torture of the man . If the raven had been replaced by a person who would be able to conduct a normal conversation and be able to answer in detail , some or all of the questions of the man , there would be no reason to continue the poem in a similar fashion . Also , if there had been a man there instead of a raven , it would have told the owner of the home that the questions that he was...

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