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Poem Comparison

Ted Hughes and Sylvia Plath had in common

From a reader 's point of view , the poem Daffodils ' showed the other side of Ted Hughes that not all people know . For the most part , the lines in the poem may be attributed to how the author related to his wife . Unknown to many , Ted Hughes was married to Sylvia Plath , and their writings may be influenced by the experiences they have in life . For the most part , this may also be attributed to the numerous similarities they have in writing


terms of effect , it is evident that Sylvia Plath used more descriptive words than Ted Hughes . This may be supported by the fact that the poems created by Sylvia Plath mostly touched the hearts of many . In so doing , these poems reflected the struggles and injustices felt by women in general . This , however , was refuted by Ted Hughes through his literary works

As for writing styles , Ted Hughes has a more subtle way of sending his message across . His choice of words was not as blunt and as fierce as what Sylvia Plath used in her literary works . However , it is also evident that the two use nature and color in adding emotions to their literary works . Sylvia Plath 's Tulips ' reflected the symbolisms color had in the lives of women

On the other hand , Ted Hughes used a different approach in showing the true emotions of his literary works . Through the poem , Daffodils , he showed that the beauty of life may be easily appreciated , but must also be taken good care of

What was more surprising was the fact that both poems had flowers as titles . Sylvia Plath had her own interpretation of how tulips affected an individual 's lives , while Ted Hughes showed his side as well...

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