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Poem Analysis


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October 20 , 2008

Poetry Analysis

War is Kind ' by Steven Cranes

The poem speaks of the irony of war . It speaks of the devastation it can do the country where mothers weep for the loss of their sons and husbands . Many are killed in the war leaving many orphans . But it is the duty of the soldiers to protect their country and when they are killed in the battle , they become heroes of the land

How many wars have already been suffered and

yet indeed kindness and mercy are something that one has to wish for in times of war . The sad predicament of the people who were victims of the September 11 event is part of a conflict that until now is unresolved . Where is kindness and mercy in the hearts of men who have allowed such rapacity or brutality happened to mankind

The Word Plum ' by Helen Chasin

The poem use physical imagery to give a special effect . The author describes the feeling of touch and satisfaction as one eats the plum It is delicious as broken into pieces releasing its juice in the mouth This speaks of real experiences . I have eaten plums and they are really full and sumptuous especially when the plum fresh . It is crispy and juicy

Meeting at Night ' by Robert Browning

The poem describes the beauty and the serenity of the night lighted by the half moon as described by a man rowing through the calm...

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