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Poe vs Hawthorne

Next , let us consider the use of symbolism in these stories , in `The Minister 's Black veil ' Hawthorne uses the black veil to represent guilt in `The raven ' Poe uses the raven itself to personify death , and in the `Cask of Amontillado ' Poe uses wines to represent various details in the story , for instance `De Grave ' represents death . The heavy symbolism in the works of both of these authors simply shows their mastery of the craft . The language that they use in all of these stories is representative of the period in which

the stories were written

Considering both of the author 's Puritan background we can easily conclude that they wrote while incorporating the concepts of their beliefs as well such as their interpretations of sin , youth , death , and murder . Poe however , had a more direct approach to his subject matters than Hawthorne . In a way , this approach of Poe gave the reader a greater sense of dread while Hawthorne 's readers were treated to a more surrealistic , fantastical , and more magical atmosphere

Edgar Allan Poe and Nathaneil Hawthorne were both masters in their craft and this is easily gleaned in the kind of pieces that they produced . While there is a very slight difference between the writing styles and the tones in which the approached their subject matters , it is obvious that they both knew what they were doing and did very well at it . These two have influenced many other modern in the field of fiction . Many of the stories that we read today are mere offshoots of the works of these two authors . The modern detective story has its roots in the works of Poe

Both of these authors also lived quite mysterious lives , so aside from just their stories being quite similar , their lives also...

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