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Of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford

The Role of God in the Lives of Bradford and the Puritans

A critical review of the history of Plymouth Plantation by William Bradford will quickly reveal the main idea which the author intends for the readers . The idea is basically centered within the struggles of the puritans as well as their achievements , all of which were deeply propagated in their utmost belief in God as a sole provider Thus , Bradford narrates these events with the aim of compelling future generations to align their values with those of the puritans Consequently , the

author believes that through his narrations the readers will come to terms with the supreme nature of God when it comes to helping anybody who is helplessly constrained by huge obstacles as long as the victim maintains his or her faith in God . In more expressive terms , the author points at the their life events to God as he writes (30-31

In these words the author portrays the Puritans belief that it was God 's deed that brought about their safe arrival to Cape Harbor after a terrible storm and other stream of obstacles . To their belief , all the constraints they encountered were the will of God and the reason for these occurrences were best known to Him . Thus , God is the sole reason for several occurrences that effect people lives in different ways . The Puritans , as Bradford narrated , were always weary of the belief that not having total faith in God...

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