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Play Production Report

The Wash : A play by Philip Kan Gotanda

Philip Kan Gotanda 's , The Wash ' is a two-act Asian American play written in 1949 and first staged in 1972 at the Manhattan Theatre in New York . In 1988 it was re-created as a screenplay for independent film version ( Philip Kan Gotanda 's The Wash ' 2007 . ` 'The Wash narrates of a story about a Nisei (History Dictionary , 2002 )1 Japanese couple , Nobu and Masi Matsumoto , who after 40 years of marriage , decided to live separately . Ironically , their dwellings were only a few meters

away from each place . Once every week , Masi drops by to do Nobu 's laundry . Throughout the play their individual and collective struggles with their traditional past as well as few funny romantic moments give form to the whole play . While Masi is able to move on and begins dating the widower Sadao , Nobu is forced to confront his traumatic memories of the internment camps . It was too late for Nobu to learn that the two have grown into the relationship in just a short time . In the end , Nobu gives in to Masi 's appeal to divorce him and marry Sadao , proclaiming that she also has the right to be happy (Act 2 , Scene 8 . Other characters who give life to the play are the following : Marsha and Judy daughters of Nobu and Masi Kiyoko Hasegawa , owner of a restaurant located a few meters away from Nobu 's house and has a fondness for Nobu Sadao Nakasato...

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