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Platos Apology


While Socrates is indeed a thinker for the ages , to say that there are no flaws , and no material for disapproval , is indeed to go against his method which calls for criticism . Sadly , no one at his time wanted to turn the method of Socrates upon its head . However , when confronted with its own very confrontational and agonizingly annoying or 'gadfly tendencies , it is impossible to ignore that there are issues with a wholehearted approval of Socrates

While transcendentalists like Ralph Waldo Emerson were engaged some kind of quest which

stressed an idealization of life to a degree which most people today would be confused by . It is my argument in this that through an examination even of Socrates , reputably the most 'honest ' man in all of Athens , that frequently piece of mind even in his case is intimately connected with his belief that he is truthful and being even entirely honest . In the first part of my I will be carefully examining the monotheistic and somewhat delusional quality of Socrates in that his piece of mind seems to spring intimately from a rejection of statements as false not simply because he questions towards an end so heavily using rhetoric but more precisely because he forces people to say something then interprets it as part of his view and skews the message and censors contentions to a degree which is powerful but only more self-fulfilling

The second part of my is a more thorough examination of...

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