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Paper Topic:

Plastic Recycling

Running head : Plastic Recycling






Sorting /Separation stage in plastic recycling

Due to increased the high residence time in the environment , old and used plastics require recycling to not only ensure clean and healthy environment , but also maximize the resource utility . Sorting separation is one of the most important stage in the recycling process as it differentiates the plastics from other materials and categorize it into various forms . Depending on the origin of the plastic materials the sorting process is made easier especially

if there was initial separation at the source where plastics are put in different containers from the others types of wastes

Physical sorting method

According to Plunket (2005 , this separation method involves use of the visible and physical characteristics of the plastics to remove them from other waste materials or separate different types of plastics . This method is labor intensive as it requires manual inspection through product recognition , color and shape of the materials for the plastic being sorted . Many of the American companies make their products in specific plastic shapes and color therefore making it easy to sort and recycle their plastics from the waste stream . Floating mechanism is increasingly being employed by different recycling plants to separate high and low density plastics depending on weight characteristics (Harper (2006 . Besides , the separating centrifuge is also employed to separate the plastics on the basis of their weight on the high speed rotating drums

According to Nigel (2004 , physical sorting process is cost effective...

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