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A story made for the movies , a beautiful song , an in-depth research on a medical breakthrough are the intellectual properties of their writer-owners . These may be copyrighted to protect them from unauthorized use . In the Age of Information , movies , images , and music are available at the touch of a key . Copying and sharing them through PC-to-PC technology is a breach of copyright and an intellectual theft Passing off written works of another person 's as one 's own , without the proper citations and proper acknowledgement of authorship is a form of

br plagiarism

Copyright suits and charges of plagiarism are becoming common . Steps are taken to prevent these practices . Universities are using software to detect plagiarized s of students . School authorities are concerned with the integrity of written s which may be archived in their libraries and used for future scholarly purposes

Individuals must also have some degree of decency on the use of someone else 's work . There is such a thing as Fair Use , where permission is granted on the limited use of the material for reference and review The authors must be given due respect and mention as the sources of the information used . Some authors are not paid for their work . It must be great interest on the subject that made them write about it . The least reward that they could get from it is the knowledge that their material was used for a lawful purpose and helped someone in his research . It is now for the researcher to acknowledge the author as the legitimate and real owner of the material

One feels for an author whose work was plagiarized by some insensitive person . An author 's work is his mind , heart and soul . It can not be likened to his credit card or to money in his wallet . When these are stolen , both can be replaced or earned back . His authorship is part of him and when it is stolen that part of him is gone . Copyright laws and Intellectual Property Rights are there to protect authors from infringements on their creative works


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