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The Pillowman is a play by Martin McDonagh

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Pillowman (Martin McDonagh

`The Pillowman , a play composed by Martin Mcdonagh in some illuminating moments of imagination , is a highly original and universal piece of American literature . The play sets the spirit of horror afoot at the outset itself with a trial scene in a dark cell . Katurian , a writer is being interrogated by two police officers , Ariel and Topolsky for writing some violent stories which are being replicated in their exact soul in real life . The setting of the play is clearly anything (1 .i ) The intensive , awesome

and bleak drama continues with retelling or enactment of Katurian 's stories . Quite strangely it ends in the same cell with the death of the protagonist . However in its mysterious voyage the play throws some questions at the readers and doesn 't allow them to lose focus . But the beauty of the play lies in gradual opening of different aspects like the petals of a flower The focus of the play is on the preciousness of art . Ben Brantley (2 also wrote The Pillowman is celebrating .human instinct to invent fantasies ' and this instinct is remarkably strong for Martin as life is short and brutal but stories are fun . Plus , they have the chance of living forever . The play presents a panorama of stories within a story and the way Martin uses these stories to support his 2

philosophy is really effective . `The writer and writer 's brother (1 .ii ) is the most autobiographical of all where parents pose to be violent in to inspire their child to create masterpieces in art this is the most striking example of preferring art to life . Unlike the story Katurian killed his parents for ill-treating Michal . During the interrogation for his violent stories when Ariel blamed him for trying to say .go out and murder children (1 .i Katurian can vehemently protest I have got no axe to grind .I am not trying to say anything , That is my whole thing (1 ,i . He can demand Fine , let me know what I 've written that is offensive and I will take it out right away (1 ,i . However he is ready to take the blame on him if his stories are not destroyed . It means he is ready to put not only his reputation but his life too at stake just for the sake of art . Also in the end he composed a story that pillowman came to Michal when he was young but he refusing to commit suicide chose to live a life full of pain so that Katurian could write good stories taking stimulus from his brother 's ordeal . He told this story to move the interrogators and it helped as Ariel did not burn his stories . The expert comment of Ben Brantley about this also reflects the same idea The seductiveness defensiveness and pure vanity of an artist for whom writing means even more than the brother he has protected for many years (2 ) Katurian 's grim...

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