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Piero della Francesca

(Field , A Mathematician 's Art 96 ) While he has travelled extensively as an artist , he has kept close ties to Sansepolcro , making regular working visits to his hometown to work and relax at the same time . Piero has spent a great deal of time traveling and have been to several places including Rimini , Arezzo Ferrara , and Rome . However , Piero 's heart belonged only to his hometown During his older years , he retired to Sansepolcro to live a quiet life and to pursue other interests such as writing . In 1492 , at the age of

br eighty years old , Piero died in Sansepolcro , in the very same place where he was born (Ginzburg 31

Works of Art

Piero della Francesca stands among the masters the Early Renaissance period . Unfortunately most of his frescoes have been lost or destroyed His works on the Vatican , including works by other artists , have been torn down to make place for other more popular artists that came after him , particularly Raphael . However , to remain mourning for the loss of his masterpieces is to do Piero an even greater injustice . What remains for us to do is to celebrate the few works of him that remain for us to appreciate

Piero della Francesca 's paintings are marked by precise use of perspective and geometry . The mathematician in him shows in his frescoes , through the subtle use of an underlying geometric structure and accurate perspective (Bertelli 14 ) His works are also notable for the sense of space that it conveys through the consistent use of areas of whites or similar light hues . His frescoes are bright and airy without any sense of clutter and constriction that marred other paintings . Piero della Francesca prefers to use bright tones which makes his paintings highly pleasant to look at . His careful deliberation with...

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