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Piaget versus Vygotsky: Cognitve Development Theory

Vygotsky found private speech to be important in helping children to think through issues and actions (Slavin 2003 .Both Piaget 's and Vygotsky 's theories could be applied in the classroom . In a 2nd grade classroom , a teacher could use Piaget 's theory to help the students with math problems and tasks . The teacher in the classroom could assess the students ' math strengths and weaknesses and give each student tasks that are within the ranges of his or her math abilities When applying Vygotsky 's theory in the classroom to help students with

br math problems and tasks , the teacher could assess the students ' math strengths and weaknesses similar to the assessment used to apply Piaget 's theory . Instead of providing assignments that match the students ' ability levels , the teacher could issue tasks that are one level above the students ' current level of ability . In the classroom where Piaget 's theory is applied , the teacher could separate the students into small groups or pairs and provide them with coins and toy merchandise or toy groceries that they would use to pretend to shop . The students would be practicing addition and subtraction concepts while participating in the activity . This type of discovery learning gives the students opportunities to construct knowledge through their own experiences (Woolfolk , 1995 . Group assignments or pairing could also be used in the classroom where Vygtosky 's theory is applied . The teacher could pair a weaker student with a student who is stronger in math . Each pair would be given a few math problems to complete together . The stronger student would provide the weaker student with assistance and tips to complete the math problems that the teacher provides to each group . This technique of scaffolding could also be used by the teacher during the assignment . If the teacher notices...

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