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Physical changes with aging

Physical Changes in Aging


The human being is flesh and blood with built-in sensors and mechanisms , components which enable him to respond to a variety of stimuli that surround him . Being a sensual creature , an individual is confined and dependent to the workings of his body . And because the body ages and deteriorates through time , it is better to know and become aware of the changes that it goes through to be able to help oneself , or a loved one who is already in his /her senior years , when time comes

br these changes manifest . Because of the fact that the body deteriorates as it ages , this has set limitations to man 's whole physical existence

The world of human anatomy and physiology is such a very interesting subject which every person is at home . All the nooks and crannies in his body speak volumes of significance and relevance to his myriad of experiences that whatever new information is available to be learned on the workings of his physiology , it will be of utmost importance to him

This attempts to convey to the reader the most common and prevalent changes that are brought upon individuals unique to the stage of human development labeled as the aging years . Herein is discussed some (not all ) of the physiological changes (deterioration in particular ) that are true in general , to all of the elderly


These physical changes during the so-called sunset years are described and explained in the following important aspects of vision , hearing , and muscles and bones VISION

Studies showed that by the age of forty , human eye starts to diminish in its capacity to perceive objects . The reason for this is that at this age (40 years , the pupil of the eye begins to reduce in its size diminishing its ability to see clearly . In this condition , adults need double or triple amount of illumination to be able to read , distinguish and even respond to the movements of things around (Smith et al , 1990 This explains why in sports , athletes who are in their late thirties or those who are forty years of age , are considered to be old ' already while in other fields , to have reached the fourth decade is to begin life . As is often said , life begins at forty (______ Sensory Changes with Aging , http /www .uatpat .org HEARING

The prospect of losing one 's hearing is alarming . When still young people do not entertain such as a possibility . Statistics , however , show that 30 of people over the age of 60 have their hearing ability weakened . As people continue to age to pass more than the age of 70 , the problem is getting worse . Thirty three percent of those ages 75 to 84 have hearing impairment , while 50 of old folks over 85 have lost their hearing altogether . These account for the many adjustments a family has to face (Isbell , 2007 . Conversations now at this time are difficult It 's not easy to conduct a conversation with...

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