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Physical Therapy synopsis

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12 June 2007

A Synopsis of Presently Acquired Characteristics and Skills

One company that offers services in physical therapy is the SunDance Rehabilitation , which was founded in 1991 , with its headquarters stated in Alexandria , Virginia (SunDance Rehabilitation , 2007 . Granting that I have just started my associates program , and that I do not have much experience in the field , it is clear that what I have are notable characteristics and skills that would make it possible for me to enter SunDance Rehabilitation

as one of their physical therapists . Especially that the company looks for applicants that helps and supports patients prevents them from further injuries , and promotes their overall physical well being , it appears that I have enough qualities that would give me enough backing for me to acquire the job . My specific characteristics and skills can be summarized as follows

Empathy I do not just work I do it with the passion and feeling in a way that makes me excel in whatever task or mission that I have to associate with . I have the ability to understand the client like I am personally put in his /her shoes . I have the ability to feel what others feel , and to see things the way others see things . My actions build a helping relationship that makes me relate and communicate well with the client . I am sensitive to the client 's needs and desire , and I know that feeling should be expressed sincerely in all possible ways

Genuineness I do not just say I express my true feelings . whether they reflect satisfaction or regret , happiness or sadness , understanding or unawareness . Honesty is what comes out of my mouth and my mind . I do things - not because it is my job - but because I want to express my true wishes and concerns . I desire for the client to take refuge in me and by being true to him /her , I encourage him /her to be true to me as well . Genuine feelings I express , which in turn , come into congruency with how I act . Yet I do not say everything , such as the things that may hurt or offend the client . I do not forget that I speak in to help , and not that I help in to speak . I share personal experiences and feelings with the client

Objective / Subjective Balance I do not just say I balance what I say . I try to be objective or subjective with my words and statements I try not to distort the personal feeling of the client by being more sensitive and aware of what I say . I do my best to balance subjectivity and objectivity , in that I may not be too emotionally involved and , at the same time , not too emotionally detached . I try to be intimate , but respect privacy and personal feelings at the same time . I am and detached all simultaneously

Self-awareness I do not just speak myself I also know myself . I know my values , my feelings , my attitudes , my beliefs , my fears , my desires my strengths , and my weaknesses . I spend extra time asking myself about certain notable things , in that I may know more about who or what I am . My self-concept is clear and vivid , and this I share with clients , so that they may feel free and confident to share their self-concepts with me . I am usually a problem solver

Acceptance I do not just talk with clients I accept who or what they are . I accept their feelings , their attitudes , their opinions , their values , their beliefs , their strengths , and their weaknesses . I see the best in each person , and I think positively with respect to their decisions and their deeds . I believe that each one has a right to think , act , and feel accordingly depending on their viewpoint . I believe that each one has a distinct perspective and choice , and I respect this freedom . I do not just accept them I express it to the client , while relating the reasons on why I accept them and their values . I try my best to think that each one has a right to existence to choice , to importance , and to value . I express my acceptance not my approval , but mere acceptance

There are other characteristics that I notably possess , such as the desire to help , patience , and ethical values and morals . When it comes to skills , however , these can be specified as follows (1 ) I can listen well (2 ) I can communicate well (3 ) I can give immediate feedback (4 ) I can observe well (5 ) I can confront well (6 ) I can clarify a statement or episode well (7 ) I can write a report distinctively

All these characteristics and skills I shall apply at SunDance Rehabilitation as a physical therapist , especially when helping and supporting patients , when preventing them from further injuries , or when promoting their overall physical well being and welfare . In working in health and human services , it is significant to know distinct characteristics and skills first , so that by knowing ourselves . we get to know and serve our clients well


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