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The basics of phonics are grounded on the spelling and sounding that the combination of letters and singular sounds create . These combinations play a significant role in the actual production of sounds basing it on the singular sounds of letters and the spelling of words that they form . Moreover , the knowledge of phonics contributes to the acquisition of desirable oral reading skills becoming an important teaching and learning strategy for reading and comprehension (Blevins

According to the U .S . Department of Education

, the acquisition of in depth knowledge regarding phonics instruction produced excellent reading skills for learners . Even with good readers , their reading skills are enhanced with further phonics knowledge . This is accomplished by teaching the basic elements of phonics including the awareness of sounds , the recognition of the relationship between letters and their respective sounds , the formation of words through letters as well as spelling , reading of textual materials and the application , that arises from comprehension , of the information obtained from the textual materials (U .S . Department of Education ) Perhaps , these are the primary reasons why phonics awareness and instruction is relevant to a balanced reading program

The primary objective of reading programs is reading comprehension , and this requires the ability of learners to decode the sets of letters and words that are embodied within a textual material . Thus , the term balanced ' incorporated in the reading program or instruction . This need shall be addressed with the awareness of the concepts of phonics and the utilization of phonics instruction for the teaching and learning process (NICHD

Phonics is widely related to the concept of balanced reading . First phonemic awareness is related to the concept of decoding textual materials under the balanced reading program . The recognition of the relationship between words and the production of sounds make up the much-needed awareness of phonics . In to make out the letters and words that are parts of the textual material , learners should be able to understand how letters and their particular sounds are linked together to form a word and an underlying meaning to that word once it is sounded . Second , the primary target of the balanced reading program specifically the learners who have not acquired proficient skills in reading , are taught to read well through phonics instruction Apparently , the proficient skills in decoding texts contribute to the enhancement of reading , and eventually to reading comprehension and application (Shaffer , Campbell Rakes , 2000

Research studies have found out that in the past , phonics awareness and instruction were not implemented during classroom instruction . This caused the failure of educational institutions to produce independent readers during their immersion in the school curriculum for language arts . At present however , the introduction of phonic awareness and instruction have contributed greatly to the production of independent readers . Independent reading becomes the third reason why phonics awareness and instruction is an integral part of the balanced reading program (Shaffer , Campbell Rakes , 2000

Moreover independent reading accounts for the fourth reason linking phonics...

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