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Phonics at Primary school with sen children

Phonics at Primary School : Literature Review


Education is one of the primary needs of all people because it is a treasure that cannot be stolen from them . With the emergence of new and high technological gadgets today , computers are already being used in to teach students of all ages the processes of reading . This is particularly applied in the field of children education . Computers are now programmed to mimic the way words are being pronounced . It has been stated that there are new computer models that have been released that

has the capacity and the ability to mimic real children 's manner of learning how to read . Many studies have already been released concerning this kind of learning and it has been found out that indeed , those who underwent phonics learning possess an advantage in developing skills in reading . The readers who are using phonics to learn sound and proper pronunciation of words are exposed to speedy learning and education This is primarily because of the fact that phonics does not simply emit and exudes sounds but also teaches the proper relationship of the sounds and the spelling of the words . Hence , learning is made easier especially to children . Also , attentiveness and perseverance are likewise flourishing among the students which resulted to higher degree of reading

The students of the present day are no longer up to the traditional means of learning and of teaching . Most probably than not , it will take new means and ways to convey...

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