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Phoenix Advertising


The Management

Phoenix Advertising

Sub : Let 's talk

Dear Sir /Madam

Our success in the past has been largely due to out of the box creativity and qualitative team work which has resulted in high standards of performance . It is now time to put in a dose of brainstorming and lateral thinking to recognize the internal hassles that are affecting the general scheme of work . When things are not moving smoothly it 's essential to revisit the existing system and find out the root cause

The careful

strategy planning that we use to create winning campaigns for our clients has to be brought in to solve the present impasse Before an outsider tells us that we have a problem , we need to put our house in . To find the solution we need to agree on two things First , we have to accept the fact that there are problems which are affecting the performance of the employees . And second , work up a mutually beneficial solution that will have long term benefits

We can start with the question , WHAT

What is the cause of the trouble ? We always focus on client satisfaction as the crucial aspect of agency survival . What we often tend to forget or disregard is the question of employee satisfaction . Effort recognition and sincere appreciation goes a long way in creating a positive environment that is conducive to excellent performances . The disagreement between the servicing teams and the creative teams is as old as advertising itself . Every firm will have its own strategy on how best this can be dealt with . The need of the hour is communication . The management has to sit down and talk it out with the team on a more frequent basis . This will foster a more personal relationship which will result in better levels of understanding that is lacking at present

The next question is HOW

The answer is simple . The accounts crew which serve as contact points between the company and the client usually get the laurels for a successful campaign . This leaves the rest of the team in disappointment which translates as frustration with the next job . Perfect servicing is nothing without innovative ideas and vice versa . Similarly , a sound idea may fizzle away with bad design execution and unimaginative copy . The question is not whether a copywriter is more important than the art director . We believe that every individual has a share in creating good work . This recognition of the importance of everyone in the team is crucial to boosting the team spirit

A sense of give and take is essential between the accounts and creative teams . If the servicing people stubbornly insist that the client is king and expect the copyand designers to make constant changes according to the whims of the client , there is bound to be trouble Working with yesterday 's creative team to a quick burnout . To avoid this , a daily schedule is absolutely essential . What happens in most cases is that the workload...

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