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Philosophy of History

Question no . 1

In the first statement , Ford 's point is that we should not dwell too much on the past and that we must put our entire focus in dealing with our present . He is espousing that we stop the seeming hypocrisy of recalling and looking back at past events . He has also created a dichotomy of the past and the present wherein he privileges the present While the past is already done and unchangeable , the present is still up for grabs where we can still operate and do things that can

have an impact . When he said that History is more or less bunk ' he might mean that history - the past -- only dulls us and does not encourage us to activate ourselves . Like a bunk where sleeping is ideally done , the historicized past for Ford , encourages us to be excessively reflective We are too crowded with reflections that we miss on doing concrete actions that can produce more tangible effects . The last part of this statement is likewise telling and supports my interpretations : We want to live in the present and the only history that is worth a tinker 's damn is the history we make today ' In this statement , Ford only made clear his predilection towards the present time . He also implied that this is how history must be viewed it is being made in the present and we are the one 's making it

Perhaps he said that because he has seen how people has...

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