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Philippine Edsa Revolution of 1986


The People Power Revolution in retrospect

Benigno S . Aquino , Jr

Ferdinand E . Marcos

Corazon C . Aquino

Juan Ponce Enrile

Fidel V . Ramos

Gregorio Honasan

Jaime Cardinal Sin

The Five Days of Courage

Filipinos teaching democracy to the world

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The Bloodless Battle of the Filipinos

Twenty-six years ago , the Filipino people made history when the mounted a very powerful revolution that impacted the rest of the world . The People Power Revolution , also known

as the EDSA Revolution which took place in February of 1986 , marked a historical five long days of courage displayed by the Filipinos leading prayerful demonstrations in their plead for truth , justice , and liberty (Celoza 125 Boudreau 64 . This event inspired the world in a manner that will never be forgotten . The Filipinos gave new meaning to the term revolution . The bloodless demonstration at EDSA in 1986 is one that is done the Filipino way

The Filipino people versus the Marcos Administration

The revolution was a peaceful demonstration of united Filipinos led by Corazon Aquino , wife of slain Senator Benigno Aquino , Jr , the murdered chief political rival of the then Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos (Abinales 80 . As a result of the revolution , Marcos was overthrown and Aquino then assumed the presidential position . It also reawakened democracy in the country and called to mind a sense of unity and patriotism in the Philippines . Beginning on the 21st day of February 1986 and lasting for five days , millions of people...

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