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Phantom of the opera

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Angel of Music

The Phantom of the Opera ' is really a superb play that matches the skills of singing and acting with the majestic presentation of design and visual arts . There are a lot of different points that have been highlighted in the play such as the plot , the story , the props , the turn of events , and the songs . The most noticeable of these are the songs

which have been beautifully sang by the characters . The well-crafted song which has greatly captured my interest is the song entitled Angel of Music ' sung by the characters Christine and Meg from the play

I was lucky to have attended the Phantom of the Opera ' at the Broadway show in New York last March 22 , 2008 , Saturday . It was at the Majestic Theater 247 West 44 Street , New York . The show lasted for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes and I spent that time watching the said show with my good friend , Ashley . There was also an intermission number that came with the show

The first few parts of the play were rather too fast for much appreciation . Besides , these were the parts where the introduction was being made to provide a clear and deeper meaning to what is intended for the whole story . However , the scene of Meg and Christine singing the song Angel of Music ' was really something that was worth noticing

Angel of Music

The song has both clarity and ambiguity in a sense . The message of Christine while singing the song exhibited clarity . For once , she was able to show that there is an unseen stranger ' and this is the angel of music who has been teaching her and helping her excel in singing for the people . At this point in time , there was no doubt that the person she was referring to is someone she has been with for quite some time for her to be trained into a very good singer . It was clear that she pays tribute to this person , whom she has not yet seen , because of the way she mentioned him after Meg asked about his great singing

However , there is still an uncertainty as to who , what , or how Christine met this stranger she believes to be her tutor in singing Likewise , her regard for him is not really there and it could not be told whether Christine thinks of him highly in a positive way or otherwise . The way she mentioned her father must have introduced more questions because there might be some interpretations that will rise to give way to a thought that it is his father who might be this so-called angel of music . Likewise , it could not be determined whether the angel is really sent by his father or not . The unclear picture that attaches the image of her father to the...

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