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Petition for Dropping







_______Position /Status______

______Division /Institute_____


______Local Add , Zip code___


I would like to request for dropping ' the following subjects : Ballet (year sect lab , Modern Dance (year sect lab , Music for Dancers (year sect lab , and Folk Guitar (year sect lab ) due to circumstantial difficulties , time conflict and incompliance with the course requirements . This year , I switched to BA program which does not require the course Ballet

and Modern Dance . The aforementioned courses are not indicated in my plan of study and also taking both of them at the same time will be a huge risk on my part

Before I entered the university , I have always been a dedicated gymnast My ballet instructor , however , advised me to discontinue with gymnastics since it is not good in helping with my alignment and flexibility Unfortunately , I found that putting a stop to my gymnastics class bodes mistake on my part since my ballet moves worsen and my flexibility and alignment rusticates . I have decided that I will revert to my gymnastics lesson outside school and stop with ballet . This is to comply with the demands of my instructor and to fulfill my needs as a long time gymnast .Recently , I have incurred several absences due to an injury from my Modern Class which resulted to a bad back and hip joint . My absences also extend to other classes like Folk Guitar and Music Dances Understand that the situation makes it difficult for me to cope up with the rest of the class for the said subjects . My time table is also aggravated by my part-time job and as such , I find it really difficult to attend to my classes since I must work for my schooling

herewith is a copy of my change in program , physician 's certification , and job certification

Hoping for your consideration regarding this issue

Thank you very much

Yours sincerely

___your name______

___course , stud no .__


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