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Paper Topic:

Persuasive speech outline over Alcoholism



I . According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services , over 21 ,000 alcohol related deaths occurred in 2005

II . Alcoholism is a chronic disease that cannot be cured it can only be treated and controlled through both medication and counseling

III . Having experienced the death of close family members due to alcoholism , I feel the need to highlight the ways alcoholism needs to be treated

IV . Multiple studies and experiments have been conducted about this widespread and often misunderstood disease . I will highlight what I

br feel to be the most successful methods of treatment in to provide an increased understanding of a potentially devastating epidemic


Alcoholism is a disease that affects both the individual and society

Can create cravings as strong as for food and water

It is chronic and lasts a person 's entire lifetime

Domestic violence , child abuse , fires and other accidents , and other crimes against individuals such as rape , robbery , and assault have all been linked to alcoholism

Alcoholism and its effects vary depending on demographics

Alcohol related deaths are higher among Blacks than Whites

Recent research indicates that cirrhosis death rates are higher among white men and women of Hispanic origin than among non-Hispanic black and white Americans . In the U .S , the rates of alcohol-related traffic deaths are highest among American Indians or Alaska Natives

Alcoholism is slightly more common in lower income and less educated groups

In general , more men than women are alcohol dependent or have...

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