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2. Persuasive Essay


It is very important for employees to improve their knowledge and skill by studying further . However , there are so many hindrances to this . We are living in a century where technological advancement is moving very fast . Employees find that they are very much challenged in their specific jobs due to this advancement . The desire by employees in furthering their studies is increasing day by day . Though they desire to further their studies they are normally limited by financial constraints . This means that private studies or evening classes would be

appropriate . Considering the amount of money they earn , it becomes quite difficult for them to meet their daily needs and at the same time finance their further education . Most of these employees have large families to take care of they pay fees for siblings and their own children . The livings standards have increased tremendously make them survive by hand to mouth . The employees are many times stressed with limited time in their work schedule . Aged employees have more stress in consideration to learning time . Employers can ease this stress by giving employee 's tuition reimbursement and creating extra time for adult learning . Such services go along way in improving the organizations image and increase in profits and efficiency than what employers think

When my friend Ann realized that she had secured a place in one of the universities to further her studies , she was more than exited . She knew that her lifetime opportunity had just landed . Despite the joy , she wondered how she could break this news to her employer . There were issues concerning how the studies could affect her performance and the course load . She knew that her manager would not take it well . She prayed for favor to her manager . Finally , she gathered enough courage and told the manager . Contrary to what she thought , her manager was enthusiastic about it and really encouraged her to further her studies To add ice to the cake , he informed her he would reduce her working hours and the organization would reimburse the tuition fees she had paid . This would be through the new tuition reimbursement program that was started . Ann immediately embarked on how she would help the intuition reap many benefits in return

Benefits of Tuition Reimbursement Program

Tuition reimbursement is quite important in an organization but it is normally quite overlooked . Why should a human resource manager offer such a facility ? Would it be of any importance to the institution ? Is it an avenue of employees to exploit the organization ? Tuition reimbursement has tremendous benefits to both the employer and employee in an organization . The benefits of such a venture surpass the costs by far

Enhances Skills

An institution that ensures reimbursement of funds ends up having skilled labor . Many employees will further their studies in such an organization . In this twenty first century , technology is improving day by day . Employees usually need further education for them to offer skilled labor . It means that the organization can have...

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