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Persuasive Speech Against Socialized Healthcare in the U.S.






Will I earn enough to be cured ? With the state of the health care service in the United States now , people seem to be working doubly hard in to generate funds that would sustain their health . Most people if not all , in America are worried with how the health care system is being administered . The system has been socialized in such as way that it operates like top-down bureaucracies and does not really function to address the real health needs of the people . Minimal

market forces are allowed to interfere and make room for cost control and rational decision making on the part of the patient

This kind of system has lead to constantly rising costs of health needs , which for most is already hard on the pocket . Among the causes for these rising costs is the medical cartel

A cartel exists when a group of people join forces to set the prices in the market and control the production and distribution of service . For the past years , the American Medical Association has been running a medical cartel . This works in such a way that they control the number of medical schools , students that enroll , curriculum and those who will end up practicing as doctors (Wilson 2005 . This cartel limits competition in the medical field and generates higher income for the medical practitioners , since they are only a few . If this cartel is non-existent , there would be more doctors attending to the medical needs of the patient and there would be greater competition . In the verge of competition , health care cost is most likely to be lowered and there would be more people who will be able to address their health needs What is happening right now is that , health care needs have become so costly that only a few people can really afford it . There are those who forgo or ignore their health concerns because they know that attending to these needs would cost them their entire savings and even more since the government only pays a certain amount in the expenses incurred

Providing for health care needs has become more like a money-making venture than a people-centered venture . What is needed is to shift the focus from costs to delivering quality but affordable health care . In this day and age where economic problems are pressing high , there is a need to forgo personal wants for the greater good . Doctors should deliver health care with the main drive to help and not to make money out of sick people . There should also be a deregulation so as to make room for private players who will ignite competition and kill the medical cartel

Another problem that is being faced by the health care system is the rising costs of medicine and treatments . Medicare and Medicaid , the social insurance programs of the government , are facing problems of costs . Medicine in the United States has become so expensive as compared to other countries . The high cost...

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