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Persuasive Speech- Why the Sit com friends should be back on TV

There is a certain warmth to this kind of treatment that Friends portrays in every episode it does not matter the next person is obsessive-compulsive about neatness like Monica , nerdy like Ross sarcastic like Chandler , self-absorbed like Joey , a naive optimist like Phoebe , or a little flaky like Rachel - every person has something within that can make them a good , reliable friend , and that despite of his or her attitudes or idiosyncrasies , there is a need for acceptance and tolerance (Television Haven

Apart from everything that is said regarding the sitcom Friends

br another important thing about it is that it can adapt to the kind of social setting we have today . The sitcom is not one of those conservative sitcoms where scriptand directors try to mask reality and the real issues that people face in society . We face a lot of social issues nowadays , such as homosexuality , same-sex marriage and so on . Friends has always been an open-minded sitcom - and in fact , it even had an episode wherein Phoebe agreed to become a surrogate mother for her half-brother when he and his wife could not conceive (Television Haven . Not to mention that during those times , becoming a surrogate mother was highly debated social issue

theless , the show was able to air that episode successfully - and I am quite sure that regardless of whatever social issue they may try to tackle in new episodes , the cast and the crew will be able to work on it with flair and outstanding performances . Since the cast has been able to gain more experience since the last episode of Friends , it is not unlikely that they have developed better skills and better understanding of how their roles in Friends will play a vital part in the lives of the audience who will be viewing...

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