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Persuasive Speech- Environmental Issue






How may of you believe that waste management or reduction is a necessity ? Would you feel the same way if you were informed that other than being an eyesore , waste directly impact on your life ? I do not think so most of you who believe in waste reduction are probably informed by the magazines or other print and electronic media that may never have enough space to inform how disastrous waste can be . But I am here purposefully to ask all of you to

consider eliminating waste and conserving the environment . The American population generate about over 245 million tons of garbage annually . There is no one who would be happy thinking about garbage everyday , however , waste management has long-term environmental management that cannot be wished away

From the 1960 , the volume of waste material generated in the United States has tripled ( HYPERLINK "http /www .kab .org /site /pageserver ?pagename focus-waste-reduction http /www .kab .org /site /pageserver ?pagename focus-waste-reduction Thus our entire society consumers , governments and corporations must be proactive in their approach toward a reduction of their impact . I believe that the consumer is the foremost important person in this struggle to eliminate or at least reduce waste production . This is born out of the fact that at the time of purchase , the consumer makes two important choices , the products to by or use and how they choose to dispose of the products once they are finished with it . At its point the consumers can reject a product that is in their view is not environmentally friendly . Examining the packaging , construction can do this , whether it is reusable or recyclable , and if it is from recycled material . When the consumers make the choice of buying recyclable reusable or recycled products they are extending the life of a commodity and as such divert it from the landfill

When you purchase recycled products you are simply creating a market for recycled substances , thereby completing the loop . I believe that the consumer demand is a very powerful tool that if used effectively then we will reduce considerably the amount of waste in our society . Once a product has approached its end of life the consumer has the sole responsibility of deciding where and how to enter it in the waste stream . Reusing and recycling or composting waste substances is normally the ideal option . I believe that waste management should develop the hierarchy of the American environmental protection agency (EPA first by addressing the problem from the source reduction and reuse recycling , composting organic materials waste-to-energy and finally land filling ( HYPERLINK "http /www .kab .org /site /pageserver ?pagename focus-waste-reduction http /www .kab .org /site /pageserver ?pagename focus-waste-reduction

In nature , there is no such a thing as waste everything is cycled through the biosphere , at a limit seen as endless . Organism 's waste is another food . However , after the last three centuries of industrial revolution , the system is producing so much waste that cannot be recycled by the biosphere...

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