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Paper Topic:

Persuasive Memo - Recommendation for policy change



Student Name

Lab Section


Date : April 9 , 2009

To : Peter Abrahams , GMU Student

From : Andrew Flagel , Dean of Admissions

Subject : Admission Requirements

GPA For Coursework through Grades 9-12

One of the conditions for admission to this university is for a student to submit a cumulative GPA for coursework for grades 9 through to 12 for evaluation . It is understandable that the measure aims to establish the consistency of the student for the last four years of their

studies and thus be able to get a better picture of their academic prowess and ability to complete studies in the university (Schneider Bullock 2008

For those students whose cumulative grades are lowered by poor performance in the lower classes , they miss out on being admitted despite showing great promise for academic excellence in the latter classes

Proposed changes

I suggest that your office review these policies because they are discriminatory in practice in that they are biased against those students who do not score very high grades throughout the last four of college . This occurs even when such students have topped their classes in the last two grades . Further , I propose that the only years that should determine if a student be admitted be the last two years


Most students have not begun to develop their focus in life until the last two years of college . That is when they begin to decide whether they want to attend university and what...

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