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Persuasive Essay - Friendship

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Knowing Who Your Friends Are

Picture this : you 're on your way to work when out of nowhere , a big rig plows into the side of your car , killing you instantly . Now fast-forward a few days to your funeral . Who 's there ? I don 't mean a head count , nor do I want a list of names , I mean who are the people who have taken time away from their busy lives to publicly acknowledge your sudden

demise ? Are these people your friends ? Perhaps , but let 's be certain . Let 's relocate your funeral to an out-of-town spot , on a Tuesday , at two in the morning . Now who 's there ? Scratch the co-workers who felt an obligation to attend while finding an excuse to step away from the office for a few hours . Scratch the handful of acquaintances from your sport 's team , the gym you belonged to , and your neighborhood : they 're surely not expected to travel out of town for a nighttime funeral . Scratch the relatives who are distant - in relation and location : they 're off the hook too . Now , look closely at the faces that remain : the faces of those who have come at this odd hour , to this less-than-convenient place . The faces left are those of your close family and your true friends . Since I 'm in charge , I 'm banishing your family , so only your friends remain . How many are there , and just how deep was the friendship you shared ? Truthfully , while many people feel as if (or even claim ) they have lots ' of friends , most have co-workers , acquaintances , ex- boyfriends /girlfriends , and real friends - all of whom get lumped together under the heading of friend ' and this erroneous categorizing must stop before the meaning of real friendship disappears altogether

True friendship comes in different forms : a parent , a significant other , an individual on

whom you can rely no matter what however , the thing each of these has in common is a

mutually understood and unbreakable bond . Friendship involves recognition or familiarity with

another 's personality . Friends often share likes and dislikes interests , pursuits , and passion ( True Friendship . Real friends grow to be so to one another that dissolving the partnership would mean losing an element of who they have become

I 've had each of my parents tell me at one time or another that the role they were fulfilling was not one of friendship , and when this was said , it seemed clear to me that was the case . In retrospect , the occasions on which I was not allowed to do certain things or the instances when a punishment was dealt that seemed unreasonable - the very times my parents ' friendship ' was in question - were the times during which they were absolutely acting in my best interests . Argue if you will , that that is the role of a parent : to guide a child , but I ask you , is that not...

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