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Persuasive Essay ON Bilingual Education

These napve policies only stigmatize what young children know , undercut their confidence in the classroom , and disempower parents (Fuller . Furthermore , when children graduate from school having insufficient language speaking skills , they are unlikely to become useful to their nation and the Old Mission school model will finally help bilingual children from various social backgrounds achieve their goals in life - the goals that stretch far beyond the school walls , and the goals that might have previously been obscured from the rest of educational programs in the United States

Certainly , not all parents

are prepared and are willing to put their children into a bilingual environment . Navarro suggests that sometimes the degree to which parents want their children to assimilate is dictated by family dynamics . That means that not all parents want their children to learn the second language . Furthermore , not all Hispanic children at Old Mission come from poor families many of them speak English as their first language , but lack appropriate knowledge of Spanish . The abovementioned issues stem from the parents ' unawareness regarding the benefits of bilingual education , as well as the language and communication needs of their children . Parents do not accept bilingual education in its current form , due to the fact that bilingual educational programs to not emphasize the role of culture in language Furthermore , Old Mission has not been able to find the balance between English and Spanish-language teaching : by emphasizing the role of the English language in class , teachers seem to forget the need for English-speaking children to learn Spanish . Nevertheless , even in its current form , bilingual education offers more benefits than any other type of educational programs for Latino children . Taking into account that 40 of Old Mission 's population is Hispanic or Latino , bilingual education turns into an indispensable element of the city 's...

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