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Three Perspectives On Death Penalty

On the first page , write an essay telling whether or not you believe the speaker is effective is the author ethical

The three essays presented were written by men who had different perspectives on death penalty . Personally , I find Edward Koch 's essay to be more effective . In this essay he explained why supports the death penalty by discussing the main points against the death penalty . The approach was effective in the sense that he rebutted the claims made by the opponents of the death penalty thereby strengthening his arguments for death

penalty . He also did cover the exhaustively and the way he presented his ideas where could be felt by the reader and convinces the reader to believe in his point of view . I also think that he was ethical in his discussion of the he was able to illustrate how the death penalty is a moral obligation of the state to protect its people and that by upholding the death penalty , the respect for life it held at most high . The two other authors were less effective because they come across as lacking in depth and validity . For example Badinter 's essay was too emotionally laden and it blatantly admonishes the country for still imposing the death penalty . The author seemed to base all of his arguments on how the European superpowers have abolished the death penalty and the US being a superpower should do so also Meanwhile , O 'Sullivan 's article also suffered from the lack of substance . He was more focused on the manner with which capital punishment was carried out in the country that saying that the death penalty takes on the form of revenge rather than punishment diminishes the integrity of capital punishment . The last two authors were relatively ethical , although Badinter 's attacks on the American people are not ethically sound

On the second page , evaluate all three essays based on their use of supporting evidence . Discuss examples , of statistics , specific references to crimes or criminals , and comparisons or analogies used by each writer . Discuss which ' evidence most effectively supports his arguments

Edward Koch in his Death and Justice ' discusses why he supports the death penalty for heinous murders . The essay was backed up by good statistics and even anecdotal data by actual criminals and their crimes In his opening paragraph , the author illustrates the plight of two murderers who seemed to have transformed their morality to respect the living . Then he goes on to tell the details of specific victims and how they suffered from the murderers . He also cited a number of statistics on the crime rate at that time , the number of innocents convicted and even the average rate at which criminals commit murder . On the other hand Robert Badinter in his essay Death be not Proud ' presents his arguments for abolishing the death penalty and calls on the American people to do so . His evidences for such claims were based on the number of countries and...

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