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Personality Describe objective and projective approaches to personality testing (give examples). What are the strengths and weaknesses of each approach? Which do you prefer - defend your choice.


Personality Test Approaches (Name (College /University (Professor (Course


This essay discusses the different approaches to personality testing . It also includes examples of each approach together with advantage and disadvantages . An argument is presented at the end of the on which approach is better Personality Test Approaches


Personality tests are common tools used by schools , hospitals companies , and other institutions in to assess the personality of a particular person . Such tests apprise individuals of their personalities , including their behaviors and what they

are capable of doing

The history of personality assessment is very long . It might be possible that assessing personality had been of existence since the time a man tried to assess the personality of a stranger for the first time However , formally assessing personality first became popular in the beginning and the end of World War II . The first tests were -and-pencil group tests which consisted of multiple choice and true-or-false questions administered to a large group (Kaplan , et al 2005

Objective Personality Tests

There are two main approaches to personality tests . They are the objective approach and the projective approach

The origin of objective personality tests was from the United States Army during World War I . The army had s many recruits that it made them look for a way to assess their personalities in to determine who were mentally fit and who were not (Hersen , et al , 2004

Objective personality tests are known as standardized measures of...

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