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Personal Theory

Personal Theory

Individual Deconstructioning


This will attempt to discuss my personal theory called Individual Deconstructioning . It is based and inspired by three seminal theories which I have incoporated into my approach : Post-modern theory , Feminist theory and Person-centered theory . The details my general approach to the theory while expounding the facets of its philosophy , goals and process , and its relevance to the Scriptures (My approach ) My personal approach for counseling is called Individualized Deconstructionism . It combines three essential theoretical perspectives which I feel are relevant , timely , and better-suited for

the social problems people are facing today . These viewpoints are Post-modern theory , Feminist theory and Person-Centered theory (Summarization of approach ) When I began this course , my understanding of human conflicts and resolutions was simple : there is one approach in the textbook for everyone . But after analyzing each with its strengths and weaknesses , I realize that because society gets increasingly complex , most of the theoretical approaches used in the past , from Psychoanalytical , Adlerian , Gestalt , through to Cognitive , have become close to obsolete . On a macrolevel , the human psyche has grown weaker with the increasing social demands , it has also grown stronger in rejecting what scientists recommended in the past . Factors such as media , social standards , and changes in social patterns such as gender have challenged our thoughts into becoming a much more sophisticated mutant that I doubt textbook therapies can even keep up with the absurdity we are constantly surrounded with . For instance , reality programs have brought out the primitive beasts in our need for instant gratification (once again proving Freud was correct about our neuroticism and fetishes . Voyaging into other people 's misery , greed and misfortune has become the basis of entertainment . With movies such as Jackass , the Saw trilogy and a host of other gory horror flicks in particular , people today are confused with the meaning of `normal . The Internet has eroded the concept of privacy , once a sacred quality in our lives . Privacy allows us the breathing space to be with our thoughts desires and taught us the meaning of peace . Based on the book , The World is Flat (Friedman , 1995 , as our virtual world becomes bless and reduced , so is our perception of the world . Emotional claustrophobia becomes a new social problem as more people are connecting through the Internet than face-to-face . Parental roles and structure within the family have changed , and gender-free attitudes are becoming the trend du jour (Mander and Rush 1974 . The more messed up people have become , the harder it becomes for one specific approach to work

On a microscopic social level , women today are increasingly pressured into becoming superwomen by having to straddle a career and a family raising well-minded children and maintaining a love life (Mander and Rush , 1974 . Romantic relationships have gone beyond the normal platform as homosexual love is slowly being regarded as an acceptable form of what we previously knew as man-woman association (Eichenbaum and Orbach 1982 . This also includes parental role as more fathers are...

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