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Personal Theoretical Orientation to Counseling

Running Head : Personal Theoretical Orientation to Counseling


Counseling has been defined variously as a unique relationship in which the counselor 's job is to hold up a mirror for the client to see him /herself in (gsu .com 2003 . In our lives , there are instances where one can not see individually things without a mirror . Whether it is an ugly pimple on the cheek , some dirt at the back of our heads or a cut on our back side , the joining thread to all is that we would need someone to

hold a mirror so we could see things in hard to see places

Not only do we need mirrors held in certain angles , but a counselor understands it would take us quite sometimes to see things the way they are , especially the things we do not want to see . We are our own worst critics , judging our selves so harsh others do not understand why . The counselor , would thus hold the mirror such that , we can see ourselves in a more sympathetic , caring and supportive way - positive prospect (gsu .com 2003

It is in actual sense a conversation between two people . The counselor helping us to realize the problem is the problem and not us . That we have the strength and resources to make the required changes in out lives is without a doubt . It is only we need a little nudge to realize this . The counselor will assist us open up possibilities for positive change , by tapping into our strengths (kidshelpphone .ca

Let me be very clear , a counselor is not a there to tell us what to do or where we are wrong , but by understanding both concepts of conversation and mirror image we appreciate the counselors contribution to our lives . A counselor helps us identify our problem , think about what is important and figure out what to do next . He /she helps us express our needs and feelings while examining our own unhelpful habits coping methods , self-defeating beliefs values and attitudes . A counselor helps us gather all the relevant information consider the different points of view , while understanding how our behavior and emotional reactions affect those around us and vice-versa . Most importantly the counselor helps us begin to make decisions based on what we have learned

Given that the emphasis placed on different components determine the distinctions among the various schools of psychotherapy , it is probably safe to define it as a process whereby psychological problems are treated through communication and relationship factors between an individual and a therapist . This is much more that talking about ones problems . Remember family and friends can assist one feel better and even offer good advice for change . A psychotherapist 's relationship with the client is one based on therapeutic principles , structures and techniques (Herkov 2006

It is important to point out that this relationship has certain precepts that make it different from other relationships . To begin with , this relationship is strictly professional . Secondly , all communication is in confidential...

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