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Personal Statement for MPA

Likewise , my experiences became a ground for me to realize my full potentials as a public administrator . It has also shaped me to adapt easily to extreme situations which will be helpful in my future line of work

In to fulfill my goals , I believe that the Master of Public Administration Program offered by (name of school ) is a perfect choice to embark upon my education and to advance my career life . I know that the university has a strong record when it comes to public administration trainings that are handled by

professionals and are not limited to the urban setting but also extend itself to rural communities . Likewise , with the university 's high standards of education , taking advantage of its Master of Public Administration Program would allow me to have a secure future in the field of my choice . Hence , my positive outlook in life that has been molded by various challenges , my dedication to my academic perspectives , and working experiences compliment the program that the university has laid upon me

Over the years , my interest in the field of public administration has never fade . The challenges and difficulties of helping others do not serve as hindrances for me to embrace my field of choice . Instead , my desire to improve the overall quality of living is further intensified by the said factors . The need to be of service to people has always been embedded in my personality . Alongside my passion to promote positive change and my capability to interact meaningfully with people of diverse background , I am now prepared to pursue my goal of becoming a public administrator . I know that this university 's Master of Public Administration Program will become a ground for me to strive hard in fulfilling a path that encompasses my passions and a responsibility...

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