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Personal Mission Statement

My Role in Education

I have learned that an education can make a difference in my level of competitiveness in the corporate world as well as in my personal development . At this time , I am at a peak of understanding and absorbing everything around me . Applying the skills I have learned through this [seminar or course] keeps my enthusiasm exploding with remarkable intentions . I realize that my niche [name a distinct personality about you] distinguishes me from my peers , but it also adds me into the equation of becoming a solid person

. A plan , dream , and discipline may be the magical ' recipe for me to indulge myself in my studies . Now everything I do relate to my studies because the real-life experiences can be handled in a more logical way . My mind has changed greatly the ability to differentiate reality from dreams enables me to make more logical decisions that affect everyone around me - family , colleagues and professors

In five years , I plan to pursue a degree in [insert major or type of school] and developing my career in [current position] . I realize that self-discipline and persistence can open the door to many opportunities once I acquire my degree in [insert major] because the industry prefers candidates like me . In the same sense , I understand that my education has developed me into a more open-minded , articulate individual to provide more to my family and community

The next five years will be dedicated to growing as a person to become an exceptional parent , productive citizen , ____ professional , and disciplined individual . At home , my family will notice my evolution as a parent-student that can adapt to any situation that may arise while I pursue my dreams . With this , I wish to influence my children to progress through all obstacles to follow through all intentions to build a strong reputation of integrity . While attending school , I will build a strong network that consists of aliases or colleagues with diverse qualities Meeting and greeting others different from me can add more breath and depth of my horizons in many ways

A few obstacles I must overcome and integrate within my future plans include managing a demanding job , supporting my family , and saving according to our financial needs . These obstacles are irreversible so I must take time to organize myself to handle situations in more timely ways . The best aspect of recognizing my obstacles is finding the solution to each problem right now , I am recognizing the issues and taking a proactive stance to handle everything at once

To counter a demanding job , I have taken the initiative of studying during free time . My schedule wavers a bit with a family so I keep an outline of what needs to be read according to my syllabus . I use a creative planning scheme to coordinate my company 's of my exams , family events , and bills to increase my effectiveness in all aspects of my life

My family needs my full attention because I am a caretaker...

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