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Personal Experiences

1 . Practical Problem Solving : Using your knowledge of PCs , local area networks , and software , describe what you consider to be the best example of a situation where you had to find an innovative solution to a practical problem . Indicate who was affected by the problem and in what way , and the nature of the difficulties faced

I would have to say that the most daunting task that I have been faced with regard to a practical problem would be when I was tasked with providing connectivity to the Plumbing Department . While this may

seem like a mundane and routine job , it was in fact a very challenging experience due to the complexity and nature of the problem . This occurred in February 2008 when what should have been a simple 3 hour Ethernet cable run to the Plumbing Department from our main switch seemed to run into one dilemma after another

Given the situation , my first instinct was to run a straight line to the pluming department and burry the cable about 2 feet deep . The problem with such a solution was the fact that the location of the cable was precarious . I had been informed that we were sitting on top of one of Saddam Hussein 's bunkers and digging was out of the question . Thus , I had to reassess the situation and come up with an entirely new approach

To solve the problem , I proceeded to go around the concrete bunker but a ceramic sewer pipe impeded us from reaching the plumbers . I then decided to piggy off the electrical line that was already buried but upon further inspection of the Ethernet cable , it turned out we were sent an unshielded cable which would be subject to electrical interference . Finally I decided to go over the campsite by tying the Ethernet cable off of two adjacent palm trees . The cable was run 30 ft of the ground thus allowing logistic truck to deliver their cargo while allowing the plumbing department the communication the need to perform their job

2 . Organizing Your Own Work : Give an example of a situation that shows your ability to think logically , analyze problems , communicate with others , and apply sound judgment , particularly where you had to meet tight you were organizing and the consequences if you had failed to meet your

I have always taken pride in being able to think logically and analyze problems well . Yet there is one instance that comes to mind where I was given quite a challenge . It occurred to me just after being in Iraq for only a month and a half . During this time , the IT Technicians in our desktop support department either demobilized or transferred to other departments that were not IT related . This left me and my supervisor as the only personnel to cover our work site which consisted of over 2000 end users

For two consecutive months I had to prioritize work tickets as they came in instead of working each ticket as it came...

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