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My Personal Experience with Religion

My Personal Experience with Religion

I have considered myself a religious person for most of my life . I was saved at ten years old , but I have been in church since I was two years old . I know that many people say that religion and Christianity are not the same , but I am one of those few people who do believe that religion is important to . I think that you cannot have one without the other They are both vital to the spiritual makeup of a person

If it had not been for

my acceptance of Christ and the Holy Spirit that dwells in me , I don 't know what would have happened to me . I definitely would not be the person that I am today . I have always prayed about everything . I believe that God is my spiritual father , and just like I talk with my biological father and converse with him everyday , I talk with my heavenly about everything . I believe that it is very hard to talk freely with a stranger . Before you open up and bare your soul to someone , there is an established relationship . It is the same with God It is extremely hard to take everything to him if a person does not know him . I cannot remember a time when I have not had a relationship with him

It has made a huge difference in my life to be able to talk to him about everything . I have actually had many prayers answered . There is no way that I could remember all of them since they have happened every day of my life . Therefore , my spiritualism has grown and changed over time . When I was much younger , I saw God as one who had to be obeyed but I have now grown to the point where I actually do have a relationship with him . I used to worry so much about how I would handle everything in my life . Now I know that it is all in God 's hands . I have learned that I have to completely trust him , and that all of my plans and worrying is not going to help . It sounds on like I have just given up , but nothing can be further from the truth . I have actually gotten stronger , and the time I used to spend on worrying , I now spend on talking to God

I do think that my religion has helped to strengthen my relationship with God . It is through my religion that I have a church family of people who I can depend upon for my strength . It is a wonderful sense of well being when I know that I have a whole host of people behind me that love and care about me because of our common beliefs through Jesus Christ . I also believe that a religion is easier to understand when you are a part of it because you have access to others to teach you . I have always had mentors...

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