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Personal Beliefs on Assessments

I was unable to prepare if the teacher introduced a new lesson and I don 't have anything in mind what it was all about . I can 't participate that much in class discussion There was an instance that I rely too much on curriculum assessment where I came too school well prepared armed with knowledge and information for the next , but to my dismay our professor changed the for that day . I can hardly participate in the discussion because I have focused too much on the next . But I did a great

job the professor already taught the subject I have researched on , I was able to share what I know about the and I was commended by our professor for a job well done

There are various purposes of assessment intended for students and their parents as well . It is planned to assess students ' strengths , progress and needs . To be able to use assessment methods that are developmentally appropriate , culturally and linguistically responsive , tied to students daily activities , that are supported by professional development inclusive of families , and connected to specific , beneficial purposes (1 ) making sound decisions about teaching and learning (2 ) identifying significant concerns that may require focused intervention for individual children , and (3 ) helping programs improve their educational and developmental interventions (NAEYC

Curriculum assessment should adhere to regular program evaluation guided by certain goals and using diverse , suitable , theoretically and technically evidence that will determine various programs that have met the expected standards of quality and to examine intended as well . It is very likely that schools should implement high-quality curriculum assessment , and program evaluation practices and to connect those practices with well-defined early learning standards and program standards

Curriculum assessments are standards set by schools to ensure that their programs or subjects are effective and...

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