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Personal Application Assignment (PAA) style.

Part 1

Concrete Experience

As an engineer of a pharmaceutical company , I directly report to my supervisor on a daily basis . I am very diligent with my work and I see to it that I perform at my best . I followed the s of my supervisor and I work hard to meet time where I realized the lack of efforts in the part of my supervisor Sometimes , it has become a routine basis to be given a task , work on it finished it with expected quality then reports to the supervisor on the

br job done . I sometimes ask , where his effort sets in the picture does , I have nothing against him personally , but having to question such setup can be regarded as my simple dilemma . It is very true that a working relationship among employees and supervisors , there will always be disputes or misunderstandings among them . Such causes of conflicts can come mostly from the side of the supervisor , such as failing to set clear expectations or to reinforce them regularly , letting the problems which they are aware of fester before having to address them , failure to communicate with people with problems , failure to recognize the importance of due process , taking some matters personally , or moving too quickly toward formal action , having to discriminate difficult or troublesome people , having to wait too long before getting professional help , being unwilling to see s resolution forma problem , worrying too much or reflective organization . These can be too general , but the happening of any of those critical causes may lead to serious working relationship problems , so before getting any matter to its worst , one of the parties can take the initiative to patch things up , or to start discussing with each other in for compromise to take place

Reflective Observation

It never occurred to me that this person was doing something different than I was and , as a result , had a better relationship with the supervisor . And it certainly never occurred to me to ask him what he did to have such a great rapport with the group . But both parties had stereotyped the other and were unwilling to change their opinions . Since other people and groups managed to have good relations with others , we could hardly be justified in thinking that they were wrong . This supervisor was more focused upon tasks than people so they never worried about the personal cost of the conflict , and probably did not know how to resolve the problem . Even though the supervisor knew about the problem , they did not intervene , perhaps because the work always got done somehow (Schein , 1996

Abstract Conceptualization

Conflict can be regarded , abstractly , as neither wrong nor right and bad nor good . The meaning of conflict is recognized by its participants given that people who add value on its meaning . The vital results of a situation of conflict are dogged by the beliefs , values and feelings , of those who are involved . The real determinants are the people of the meaning of...

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