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Person i admire

Blessed indeed is the man who hears many gentle voices call him father ' Lydia M . Child

Person I Admire

I strongly agree when I have read a quotation by Fanny Fern , To her the name of father was another name for love ' No one is this world can claim that he is the best . There is always , and will be a person better than us . But surely , we have a person , people whom we think highly of Individuals who have inspired us , shaped us , influenced us - the way we are right now

. Yes , we all have somebody whom we admire . It can be an actress , a writer or just simply a family person . The big question however is what and why do we admire people for ? Is it for beauty , for intellect or for having a big heart ? As for me , I admire my father more than anybody else in this world . I have a high regard for him for everything he does for me and for our family . Every beat of his heart spells love and tenderness for us . As Porter Cole once said 'My heart belongs to Daddy

Even when I was a kid , my dad treats me like a mature person . He speaks to me as if I can understand everything , and listens to me the way he always to others . My opinion always counts . He often challenges my mind by expanding my horizons . He is definitely a man of wisdom , a great teacher . When I need something to be explained , he can always point and reason out . Like for instance , as a typical teenager I think that everything has to be done my way - my privilege , my liberty . When I was planning for college , my mom wants me to go to school near my home . My mom thinks that I want to leave them , but my dad understands that it was not about me leaving them it was about me , and my decisions . He teaches me many wonderful , substantial things . The biggest and best of all is to believe in myself . Whatever I have been able to accomplish in my life is because he believes in me and never lets me give up . Significantly , he teaches me in to be myself in any given situation . It is like what the saying goes 'Always be a first-rate version of yourself , instead of a second rate version of somebody else

Finally , he has been always an inspiration to me . He wakes up everyday looking and striving for the best in life , and wants others to share it with . My father never lets anyone down . He is always ready to help others and never expects anything in return . What I am now , and what I will be in the future , all the good and wonderful things I have , I owe it all to him . Without the guidance , love , and care , of my father Surely , I am a lesser person

We recently celebrated Father 's day a few days ago...

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