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Performance Measurement

Performance Measurement








When measurement of performance is done in the right way it may transform an organization . Performance test is good as it can show someone where they are now and where they are hoping to go . Measurement of performance is fundamental to improvement , high performance and success in business or in any human endeavor . The context of the performance measurement affects the effectiveness of that performance What makes performance measurement a success is that it is

not socialized that is built positively into the social part of the organization . Most employees do not trust the measurement systems in their organizations while most leaders believe that performance measurement is important in achieving their goals

Organizational balance scoreboard comprises of the organization 's vision , mission , objectives , critical success factors , improvement actions , targets , improvement actions core values and mission . This scorecard is translated into the business scorecard , performance plans and the scorecard of each person in the organization . This method also requires that each employee works towards the shared organizational strategy of the organization . A scorecard that is balanced will provide a framework for carrying out certain tasks in the organization but it does not specify the measures that should be take to improve the performance of the organization . The people in the organization are left to make the decision on the measures that should be taken and also specific sections within the organization should come up with measures to improve the whole...

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