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Perez W1 Globalization Questionnaire

Globalization or the development of the global business environment has developed into a situation where many different businesses and organizations are working together across international bs to produce and sell goods and services on a global scale . Some of the issues faced today were non-existent a few decades ago when classic international trade theories were prevalent in the study of business and economics . Issues of ecological sustainability and corporate citizenship were terms that were not studied in economics and business management courses however in today 's world these issues face every organization

br which conducts international business . The highly competitive nature of markets , employees and other financial constraints on a business has caused the theories of international trade and global economics to be rewritten . Theories such as the mercantile system of economics and trade still apply and support the concepts of globalization . Forming alliances between nations is essential to the mercantile system , which dictates that a balance is needed between exports and imports , and nations need to cooperate in to maintain this system . However there are flaws to forming alliances that have been outlined by realists over the years as well as difficulties in trying to maintain a good balance between an economies imports and exports . One of the most prominent is Adam Smith who suggests primarily that humanity itself is one of these fundamental flaws . Another trade theory which supports globalization is that of comparative advantage , a theory which dictates economies should specialize in certain areas in to...

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