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What is The Perception of Time?





Perception of Time

1 .0 Introduction

We often brag about the technological and scientific developments of today 's modern society and how we benefit from these advancements . The barriers that were once created because of the diversity in culture were brought down by the modern trend of globalization . Culture is society 's main foundation that is deeply rooted in our native land . Culture is a broad term encompassing tradition , ways , and means of leaving , traits and values

Every individual belongs to a certain

culture to which he has to fit his activity , values , and attributes . Everyone is raised within the confinements of his or her own culture and brought up by beliefs traditions , values , and traits which conform to the standards set by the culture that has long been intact in our society . The line of conflict between humans with regards to their culture starts when what is culturally acceptable to us may not be acceptable to others

Even science that we used to think is universal and adheres to generally accepted human principles is predominated with the culture of the people from the western hemisphere (Bartholomew 36 . Some behaviors that do not comply with the standards of a certain culture are often remarked as an abnormality or deviance . Thus , even though science applies universal scientific principles , it is never neutral in determining what is deviant or abnormal and what is not (Bartholomew 36 . It can never really explain why some cultures do certain practices that are not culturally accepted in other countries

We used to separate behaviors and label them as normal , moral and legal . Other traits , practices and rituals that do not fit in what is accepted in our culture are recognized as otherwise . These activities reflect a person 's prevailing norms , values , and beliefs that he adheres to at a particular time and place (Bartholomew 36

The psychological aspect that is responsible for the discrepancies in people 's culture and how it affects our perception is cultural relativism . Cultural relativism is a theory of knowledge that is responsible for the person 's judgment on what is deemed as acceptable This judgment is anchored to his or her beliefs , values , and attitudes that are shaped by the culture he or she was accustomed to (Bartholomew 37

Hence , the culture of individuals influences their perception on things around them . They view things according to their existing beliefs and values . Time is also perceived differently in many cultures . Individuals see time differently today than the people in the past used to ages ago Through the invention of time devices , the people of modern times are able to track time by the hour , by the minute , by the second , and even by the millisecond . Thus , the people 's perception of time molds them and their minds

The ancient people were only aware of the fundamental time - the night and day . They used to determine time by making interpretation of the celestial and heavenly bodies . Through the use...

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