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Pay for performance can be a benefit to an employee by providing an incentive to earn additional remuneration. Briefly explain the concept of pay for performance, including some advantages and disadvantages. Explain and give examples of how pay for perfor

These programs were all discontinued after three years , reasons being Some employees felt insulted by the fact that the company tried to bribe ' them to reach a goal they were ready to reach when these programs stopped , employees , since they are used to the extra incentive felt bad about it and they became less motivated for the job . In this HP example , managers concluded that it is better to coach employees in how to improve their manufacturing processes than giving incentives inform of pay (Beer Katz , 2003

Finally since an employee most

certainly has a family , there are both positive and negative influences the pay for performance may have on the individual 's relationship with their families . The bonuses and incentives given to an employee translates to better living standards for the family in terms of affording the things that money can buy hence an individual is well capable of taking care of his or her family . The employee who is paid for his performance is motivated to continue working harder and may end up being a workaholic , this is very dangerous to the family unit since he no longer spends much time with their families and this might even lead to broken families in extreme cases The health of the individual is also negatively impacted on in some cases where the individual has no time to concentrate on things concerning his body

The implemented incentive program must measure and reward the right things for it to meet the objective of contributing to the company 's success . If this is met , pay serves as an important tool to deliver business priorities . According to Britton (1997 , when these programs measure the wrong things , they have a negative impact on motivation and they can result into a destruction of long term motivation...

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