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Pay Decisions at Performance Sports

Running head : PAY DECISIONS

Pay Decisions at Performance Sports

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Pay Decisions at Performance Sports

In human resource departments of several companies worldwide , employees and workers are the main assets . This should always be true since a company cannot succeed without its people . It is thus a factor that all employees are satisfied by the way they are treated by the management This is the question that Perkin faces in her company . She has to decide

br on what method is best for her employees ' satisfaction . She resorts to pay-for-performance (P4P . This method is good and reliable . Also , it is not biased . Nevertheless , Perkin still has to find a way to maintain her company 's stability . Thus , it is suggested that she not only implement P4P but also implement a quota for her employees where if they are performing badly , they will be fined

Review and Analysis of the Case

Purchasing Agent

Perkin is now faced with a dilemma regarding her employees and the new position she is planning to create (Bohlander , 2007 ,

. 430 . The position of purchasing agent should be considered critically . First , she has to think about the coverage and responsibilities of the agent . Will the agent also be responsible for the purchasing of tennis equipment which Perkin is planning to include on her products ' list (Bohlander 2007 ,

. 430 ? Will the agent only supervise the purchasing or does he have to do it personally , meaning he will be the one purchasing the equipment and negotiating for a price ? Second , Perkin wanted the agent to have experience on the said work (Bohlander , 2007 ,

br 430 . This means that she demands much from the agent . If so , then she should be willing to pay the worker with a reasonable wage . Lastly , but the most limiting of all , Perkin has to take into consideration the company 's condition . Factors such as the company 's stability , profit and development should be analyzed . She has to ask herself , Does she really need this agent in her company ? Can her company 's present condition afford to have the purchasing agent ? These are just some of the plans Perkin has to work on regarding Performance Sports

Pay-for-Performance (P4P

Perkin is taking into account the idea of P4P for Performance Sports (Bohlander , 2007 ,

. 430 . But what actually are the advantages and disadvantages of this policy ? P4P is a good policy for sales departments . The manager pays an employee more if the person puts in more sales . On the good side , the employees will be motivated to perform well thus , increasing the sales . They will become competitive . On the bad side , the company may be spending much for compensations thus leading to bankruptcy . The stability of the company will be compromised And profit will be lost since the money coming in will only be spent on paying employees


It is recommended that Perkin pursue the P4P policy in her company 's...

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